Monday, February 21, 2011


ULATE to that WHen I went into the brains for what I was seeing eech out onto the plastic and over there onto each glass that stood proudly on the top row of cleandom…I realize what I saw was none other than verifiably indescribable evidence of none other than “OLD”. It was Old. Oldness. Decrepancy was foolishly accepted as wise under guise for thrift or “use it up wear it out” etc.

I knew clothes had a shelf life…quilts…shoes…but cups and saucers and tumblers and bowls? Bowls least of all…but for the very evidence that life hammers on things. That’s the facts. When things of this nature enter our lips we are bruised inside… but unknowingly as to the HOW. We are never suspect. But until we are microscopicked our of our cheer…we accept the need not to toss something just because the white chalky stuff or leftover soap seems innocent enough. But these are toxic at any level to great, and we think our body doesn’t bare the scars INSIDE or out…for it is barely of the capacity to determine WHAT it is we were seeing there.

MY SAME voice rebuke me several years earlier about one thing no one else seemed to care about. The pans we cook from with their magic alcrity to remove the food at whose leisure? I will reconsider now never to have told this for Teflon will pout and get humongous lawsuits…so I will withdraw the implication that our own sanity says WHEN that pan is not used as suggested, by wood and plasicry…the metal utensils VIL VIPE a scar too broad NOT to see, and that then melts into your food producing such alacrity of spirit as early childhood arthritis, and premenstrualtz against cheer for further developing a child’s life in the wombs or good old fashioned headache too severe not to continue calling it post tramatic almost stroke but more likely migraine syndrome. I do not doubt you don’t believe it’s capacity to scar your heart as well…but what it doth there is something surprisingly benign. I makes you more apathetic about anything else other than eventual death for the Barely’s and the Pranks and the all too comsumerly GLOW about you is redily against any discernment that an apoxy glue will hinder the spirit with nothing more engineeringly correctour than a moxy against what’s not convenient to know… It gets against us all to return to the mortifying territory in the brain of having to work too much to get the scortched food from an all metallic and nuetritionally correct SILVER and stainless steel pan.

For short. I don’t want to pain you any longer. So I won’t. Don’t look. Don’t see, and just send those tall matching plastic or glass gobblets to school with your proudest of highSchool graduates and see what turns up at the post office. NOTHING!! They will dis your cheer to bleak them further…for all is becoming of the newness of life…even the Styrofoam stuff that suffers no reintroduction to microwave planes of reheat or replentishing in the food line at the Garbulldi-gookerts will not allow the repeat of said suchings… Even when I bring back my plastic carton for a drink refill…the fastfood will not permit it’s return into the window’s edge. Not one inch to pass their dusty outcropping for the wizzers by with auto erroticams and fumes from over stuffed tailpipes ablouwndinkt!

So I listened. And I listen still. And I toss plates ands and pans and utensils and clubbed glubbingertz and the multitude of memories of the patterns and colors and what clothes they matched…and I live like a slob. For it worn on my heart to repeat the purchase of someone’s return for not knowing that I was not vulnerable to their willingness to buy a perky set of china just for one night but to return it the next day as if not used. And THAT does and DID happen to me. And while you whistle in the night for a charge plate not to mercily bespive your spirit…do you need to now throw back e’en the garbage they call food at the supermarket for not understanding the PACKAGE it now is surrounded with is repeat, reused and recyclingly urkable…I can’t stand that you don’t see that. I don’t’ even hallow soap now, until I have washed it off before letting it touch my skin…or my mouth to the plate of plastic or paper/cardboredishness that used to quicken my pace for purchase with picnics uhClammoe’urtz! How many now of those do you attend with lackluster enthuse…for the meat if not priced right was of a secondhand nature as well.

I refuse to answer now for your apathy at what the medical profession will require you to accomplish before gaining entrance into their spirited realms…. I will not.

I don’t wary now that the plastic can they put the water in is now as suspect to purchase individual bottled purchases in 6 or 9 or 12 packed stackings…but when I see it has sat in the sun for a hundred days next to the gas/fuel pickup stand…as if no fumes hunker down there…and no sun rays boar into the panels at the sides of these invisibly packaged containers…nor do I cherish my search for a pack of rats that have climbed onto it a million times before ever delivered to your favorite department store with a bargain guaranteed price.

So long, giants of the same claim to fame as…uh…what’s his face…the famous designer and developer of…Styrofoam beGillickt millionairicamst against all cheer. He’s now not even alive…but we pretend it’s for another reason that he was no where to be found when a son when BULListicly Chinese enComeOn’d.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What y'alltz get Sick frum ain't the sames Me!! Part 1

When i am stymeat for a recipe to help some for whom I have compassion just to have fallen intuh illness or just a dash o' bad health....i queary... How does it happy it ALWAYS for ME is directly for/viabsomerhing wrong to have eaten when my blood levels were this or stress was that or sugar umpteen too high....that u was too soon cured by knowing THAT broth or That liquid ir THIS amou t if rest during a particularly whoa-fuel and ceremoanzial service in life.... That i can't get said suffering indignant to see that/what befell them might have an non- allergic remedy as well???

Whenever I used to gag on gav nuts or some composition if creamed Corn... I got so cautious that i left off eating completely and thundered to a couch to crash from energy reserves failed to arrive... But was stumped particularly one a.m. To have barely lifted a glass of water to my parched lips, as now it was simply a MUST to consume something-- frankly or keel over in body awa spirit too. The very VOICe of... I would prefered to express it otherwise but it twould have the same power... A Voice still and smalll within me said 'don't drink that'.

Drink what!? I was indignant and when I advanced to placed the tumbler of water directly in front of me onto the counter…I will say that outloud I quearied… “what if I DO DRINK THIS?” … and went further to seek… but humbled silently the smaller… “So What?”

A magical thing happened as if to embrace my heart with fear and i felt a pulse with electrical pointers that lead from heart, down my arm to a wrist where, my at my thristing dismay…led at the held drink aloft. It continued back up my arm and to my lip and throat and with the eyes tagging along, denied my will to see anything but the small ring around the top edge of this particular tumbler for holding liqui-factioned impurity. I was now intrigued as I had never believed and such manifestation was ever allowed onto the human form for dealing with unlearned, unknown situation.

There, these ‘electrical’ impulses showed a rim of one cup had small white crusty patches which I called hot steam after soap gone off the plastic while rinsed in a dishwasher residue. Clear as a bell the next phase for learning jumped at me to stare: it was NOT clear.... Nor to be placed at my lips... Could it be scaling plastic from soaring tempt-Poor-at-lureds? Or any willing to snatch a bargin price for relecks gone uhbust… Never noticing for that which had gathered at the downward facing vessel made to drink from.

I put it down. Again think’n that ‘Perhaps a combination the salt, soap, plastic and foam from other garbage and, pre- wash and was floating in the drain prior to rinsing-- never abandoned the basin of your dishwasher or e’en MINE..until AfTER drying had fixed it there firmly. Understand... I resolved it was a melting-plastic-only problem...

Then i lifted up the GLASS only row of cylindrically shaped objectry from that same part of once thought to be ‘sterility of fact, clean’ dishes... when I had examined another...then four… All showed this gathering of that white itchy stuff we called 'caspa' as a missionary in netherness for a foreign landia of “3rd world” notion where all was thought not to be used, but sent as treasures forth for not wanting to prevent any their drinking priviledge…yet too convinced that we'd never seen any o' DAT ' at home"!

I stepped back….and was pointed to a row of never used cups... With a horrifying stench... Tho all had been cleaned several times SINCE use… but for scratches and edged-like chips blazoned during an THE EnterRIM.

Now your thinking…WE don’t have anything like that at OUR house!...Part ii haileth no such nonsense.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

WEEKS have Passed by.... passed or PAST? Passing.

'How ever it was, they got their funk from tangling in the tela-trunk...'

Some ole part of a poem with a lil flexion in the diggerds for not wanding too much info anymore where there's not a passle of clip art too readily accessablurrd about how much or how often to NOT get a monetary discplacementalizing tetrifraction against all cheer!!!

That's the anomoly...for I post with my own art and my OWN photos from my OWN reserve and yet STILL was not able to access the peeps who willed to see the original such and so'z.

There's your BEAST. (aka Revelations 16 or 17 thru Plenty.
By the way... (no reference to ANYBLOODY BODY with the same last name) the poem lay in the CHILDCRAFT (subset for Encylopedia - Brand educatesk) section of a library of Congress... not that anybody cares anymore...but it WAS in a volume one two or three at one point.... containing an art of the Elephant bestrewn with the paraphernalia of once and former Phone Call nuance de Trunked!"

Same ole Same ole...Gotcha!!!
(yes, I DO give credit for slurring my former peeps-uh-loftinks)

Monday, October 25, 2010

HOLE in the WALL

Sounds like some Arizona escape route for early pioneers progressing toward the west with a distinguishing number of hardships in route.......?
Nope. This is a cat scratch gone full haywire... STAY Tooned!! For the Looney Life of THIS artist gone Med/surgical/scienstripICK hath a nuance to deliver the falsifiers of myth and harpoonSchoont.!!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A BOUT with GOUTs may be in DOUBT

hen we heard à few months ago on the early morning media realm of hoice... and quite out if the normal flow of my day-- a supposed responsiblurbed comment by a physician too recently appraised that a dilemma for treating painful GOUT problems was before not accessible to any patient that be supposedly as well, and likelier not to have ascertained HIS willingness to be patient while they were staved a solution for a will never to get the HOW it was accomplished that they had arrived to 'get' GOUT in the first place.

My brother has gout. My older sister had a form of same, and when yet another brother was not aware for the claim both priors and myself were accomplished to have all three divolved the same sufficient remedy ... I was alarmed. His. Bloodtype(as it turns out) is NOT the same as mine-- nor th other two sisters we all sames to tolerate too liitle the same hoped for extnguishment of life that lil bro remedied as it's only solution.

NOW we see that/ a variable capacity in but one and singular DNA pattern as not to be thouht as having value for mere bloodtype variant.

My older brother was never told by anyone, but knew reservists that found a solution he imagined as improbable, and they were not surprised when he returned never to challenge any medical head in goverment military service where remedies are a must get NOW.
He told me his remedy. But how surprised we both were when the little brother. . . proclaimed a recently unsuccessful trip to a doctor for relieve of too many and severely symptoms--for, yep: GOUT.

When as I described MY completely simpler soltion than the drugs mr brother and uselessly obtained to score yet another too huge dollar to mediccam sophistry... My SISTER majorly interfered with yet a second and unsuccessful solution that HER medPros were offereing to learn to tolerate thembzzz pains of protruding now joints and infectid triumph not to merely need no exercise anyhow.

I am amazed. I had merely assumed we had all been there when my oldest brother's military mouth blessed my offended areas behoofed by it's mere suggestion ro barely dilute the too often heralded orange juice our family has yet too much mania for consumming in largest amounts each morning.

I found that my own too many fruit juices to include not just orange juices but apple, pineapple and cranberry juice. (grape juices was for some reason ruled out) were to intrinsically sleek to promote pain should I not dilte them with At least twice the amount of water than formerly mixed DID give an immediate relief and usurped all symptoms eventually when I doubled e'en more the water and ultimately just removed regarly consumed juices (all) from the diet.

Funny I also have enjoyed no headaches since then... Which have returned immediately when ever forgetting at another's home or restaurant food offering.

I realize that my easy early encounter against too much juice may probably be cause of my own bloodtype being higher with Copper and other varients than the other DNA patterned sibblinks of a similar GOUT concern...

So, how have any of YOU successfully dealt with such healrh probst as sibblings might equally broadcast as Your future/ past concern?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Noise & noise alone. No drug appetite, no addictions ... just noise... Noise out of thr mouth for chatting too much encryptics...with nimble fingers that type too slowly for the thoughts to dispatch themselves at best rate for dispersal... which ensues the typos and scripted storkle...all annoying to all, even the writer...

Was it just ANY need for calcium pills or removing a fancy for chocolate or was it just that I was not getting the magnesium pretense they said would help to 'break down' a calcium[pill just preciser than the body wasn't able to do it for myself... and just WHAT was that HEALTH problem I had when the voices suddenly emerged to triumph over MY own will to strengthen heart and brain??

One said: Too much copper in the bloodsteam requires the abandonment of all your CARROT intake. Well, That should be simple enough. I stopped eating carrots. EVER. But then my ego was angry, for CARROTS were and after all my favorite veg-Get-a-Bolt. However there was that ONE minor lil thing I wasn't noticing about my diet tp unleashed the prevailing voices of the brains input(hearing unbiddenthoughts) / output (mouth/speaking) for receiving and dispatching my own life's opinions against a brains willpower to say against any right to tell it as I will'd the output for myself or another to know or feel just how I felt so say.

WHEAT TOAST... Too much wheat in my diet at that long ago (thus failed to remember) time frame ... gave me SPRU. Spru is nothing more than just a Celiac Disease invitro which trimmed by a medicine called aTHE "gravity of the input of those who think voices are all from evil and demon posessed sorcery"-- which and did claim my own and overtly trained to be a religious thinking brain to think as well.

But the pursuing of valuable tips by a batch of medical professionals that knew too well just HOW a voice gets a presence in the brain...for the hair and follically deprived of same who gel'd their skulls to make fibrous mechanismo commence the concurrent blessing for just LOOKING like they hadn't lost their scalp priviledge for fighting against non-manhood ensuings but/and corruptible failed to tell us: They too very GEL's had found out that all were gaining voices which told them things they hadn't known either... all for the placement of such Gel laden fiber that announced COULDs and woulds for a spectacular return of a psychic priviledge they only merely THOUGHT they had lost.

Whall, GANG. You are not a posessor of life's right to judge another's well-being by usurping them with your lousy think to have a right to comment for your own self preservation NOT to have such a dilemma in thr brains. For those with voices get them from several sources...NONE of which are demonic of THAT person's cause...but for a fact, are a blessing to them exclusive of your right to know how.

But to willfully play with the hearts of these determined THEMZ with voices, and you demand against your own life. FOR their voices are the very vibes that come out of The PSYCHIC impositioning hearts of the loved ones of THESE to will out against YOU?. Not so, for, if you don't permit THEM to survive, by your criticisms they will not enable the voices which absolutely PROTECT YOUR FEELINGS and will for cheer... to make their point as well. Their will is never to supercede YOUR demand...but your ruthless will is otherwise.

Stop this. Listen for a moment. My voices came from multiple head injuries in my youthful capacity to always attempt something out of my skill and coordination level... but a few when I was hit over the head with a baseball bat (intentionally by school bully at the daytime playground level of 6th grade interaction) or falling out of the 8 foot high bunkbed when sleeping, and onto the garage cement floor in the middle of the night before T-givings next day (which I didn't wake for till 3pm)... and 5 or six other such head-fracturing demisements of part or all of some of the brain fiber YOU get to have for excelled financial dealings for not having been bridaled with as have I....YES. My brain devised (for a wealth of copper as a redhead for the hyper capacity to have more electrical connections that thou...but of the varied and sprouting sort...NOR...for a lot of blissings against WHEAT germ sandwiches 4 times a day for 3 years to please those who hounded me that DIET (via some notion that WHEAT MUST be the base of) is the bliss for cheer in this life-- and thence the retributive head injuries last mentioned but first to occur... Not even a millionth of what these head injuries have done can be excluded fromthe trial in my life for not having a capacity to shut up when importance enters a room....can ever/never be understood against itself.

ALL of these supplied the reason for the voices that cram themselves daily into my head. NO, I have never done drugs, never kissed a married man... that wasn't to be my husband and NEVER have I abused myself with some notion that a person with voices allows constant and uncontrolled contact with others of a sexual deviancy. BUT, my voices accordingto you have said otherwise...And to the contrary--DO, and sustain me to keep away from such as would want/will that contemptably gnarphticular grumblince.

BUT, a skull wills to commit to helping a person with the dilemma I had...and mine willed to make circumlocutions about the brain...and where the nerves failed to connect correctly for scar tissue...and the metallic conducting of too much word-linked phrases against my clearer understandings... and ultimately....THE very fact that I willed to be well and sought the treatments of medicine and religiously empowering aids to assist me...I have come off conqueror. And YOU WILL NOT forbid my opinion from existing, nor will to claim I have no right to one. FOR I am maintaining my brains at the exclusion to my own will to have a personal life. I diss all around me that would satisfy me personally...just to maintain the brain's status quo to will to control itself against the ruthless half that churns out voices at rate you will not to understand. FOR the psychic part of my brain cells that are brought to life by the will and selfishness of others...are a hinderance and crank against my cheer...and abound there ungratefully against me.

For this was my treatment: to eat LESS green vegables, enabled me to eat more MEAT. Such meat with a folic acid environ, enable to score helps on a constant basis allowing the brained and peaceful centered need for protein to enable control MY own thoughts to score against the word systems and regimes of the FEELINGS or psychic mind enabled side (which is quite determined not to cheer me OR you) Cream and Milk or cheese were added back in, but with skill. For too much would hazard the heart's need for less. But to be sure...a BRAIN cannot and doth not have enough of that for it's daily use fails for an obviouser balanced will to see...GRAVITY pulls those very helps for a the ground...and sow forthed.

What possible impact has a diet on health? Has the choice of food stuffs upon your brained willpower to survival against all voices against you? Even those not your own that are directed from the will and malice of /for others to will to continually control one such as me/or any other? THESE are not tested precepts against ME, but in FAVOR of my right to knwo, and not your pretense to merely dispatch as if no one has a right to say what is evil from the brains of the usurped cranium of THAT much injury to a soul's life but the 'yourselves' of the demonic interpretived demisementals.

Thus. I will not hear you any more but that MY right to say the context from which my own life experienced prevailed not to shallow my own experiences as you put yours broadly forth to be more spectaculary important, as if that should allow ALL thr reasoning to compel nerth DEMAND ascent toward a favored will to deny a support of this over abundance of challenge for life long and daily happenstance the drained brain.

My daily trial is not removed with YOUR influence to force one of my pain or predictamental to make us (head injury/coppertone minded primarilies) take a regime drugs which are tried and tried against factmental shaping of this one will to know for sure: THEY NEVER TAKE away a voice nor train a brain to know how to dis one of any negative component...Nor do they prevent one from saying stupid things. These were /are just not abated by that kind of treatment. NOR do you have a right to claim such, for you have not tried nor attempted the thugging of your good nature, nor the illness that floods the sense of wellbeing otherwise held by me in my life on a continual basis.

This reproof is not justified and you may not impute your half-hearted willingness to claim it is. NOR may you say well "THAT was those drugs, they have newer ones that work..." these prove , and have proven only to be name changes for the substitution came from the law suits necessitating over use of worthless mindblanding...BLANDING mind you...BLANDING out the creativity of the souls of worth that had a varied mind for cheering others... artists, and musicians and composers of harpsounds of beauty and worthwhile commitment to storing such talents to disburse later when an apology might be forthwithing.

Lovely Day. Or isn't THAT your impression EITHER?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CLOUDS DON't CURE, BUT when it's said....

The CLOUDs in a sky surely can't CURE one, can it? BUT when it's said.... that just watching a fish float it's way around the fishtank with aquarium-elevated status... one's elevated high blood pressure might enjoy the assist to get lowered without paying some huge amount just to have a medical profession either (a: Tell you what I've just Said here, only at HIS office to pay large overhead; or (b: You actually get hit by his non- experience and too youthful pretense that you've a need for his capacity to write you off with too much DRUG in-a- future. So NOW this information will allow one a TWO course-option for allowing you to make the choice...

That is: Will I let this man defend a will to be a fraudenlent inexperienced medpro his WHOLE life long at MY wallet's expense...or, Do I get 'with-it' and learn BEFORE someone in that doctor's own family does, what I just told you. Which will take this young snurp (although now a professional for adjusting a health concern) another 12 years to believe BEFORE he'll let any one else in on the info...

Now, YOU can decide for yourself. So, go out then and watch some clouds passing. Although, THAT might alert you to stay inside wisely that you wont' get some anomoly called Brain-Stuck-Now-In-some-Low-Lying-Cloud with no notice of the amount of particulate matter or Icelandic Ash-bidden smudge so denied as having any notion to actually have arrived anywhere near/over/into any air of "aTHIS state OF ALL PLACES..." (said with a HINT of Tom Hanks doing his Toy Story Voiceover at Hillaritally pranked price index)...!!!? that you surely can't ever get an apology for any news medium never seeing a value to have covered the topic!